2017 – year of the geek

2016 wasn’t the greatest year, dumbing down turned into outright lies which enabled the post-truth series of events that are going to shape the world.

2017 need to be the year of the geek! We need complexity and the truth more than ever. We need graphs and statistics. But what we need more than anything is exponents of this truth that can make it accessible. Our current crop of politicians are fearful of this. They seem to fear the people shaping their own future. I see this as arrogant and dangerous.

People are not stupid they are busy, they are busy being absorbed in their own world of work, ego and facebook. The challenge is to break into this and communicate in the same way.

I don’t pretend to have the answer but I am going to work hard to challenge everyone around me to be better informed and to prepared to challenge me.

2017, Bring it on

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