Building the credible technology team

We all want to converge into the business and be an essential driver in the business. But how do we get that place and the voice to influence across the business?

There is an expression in technology, ‘keeping the lights on’. What this means is you must deliver the core of IT and your credibility.

If you deliver the core you will make colleagues in the business not notice you. Not being noticed is the first step to credibility.

So you have done the hard work, operations are delivering every day. How do you take advantage? How do you spark that meeting, conversation that puts you on the path to credibility.

The first thing to do is not talk technology, set an agenda for a meeting that is just about the goals of the business unit you are talking to. Deliberately avoid technology and talk about what business outcomes are important to the organisation.

These conversations should demonstrate you understand the overall goal of the organisation and how the unit you are meeting fits within it. Keep it simple all you need to do is spark conversation. You will need to listen and listen hard. Work on the skills that will make you an active listener. Listening has a primary purpose that some people seem to miss, listening is about learning. Too many people listen so they can reply and show how awesome they are. Listen to your peers in an attempt to empathise with the challenges they face and look for the technology elements that will support them through solving these challenges.

If you can get into this position you face an even bigger challenge, BRM. Business relationship management is how you captures these business conversations and turn them into initiatives and good quality technology strategy.

More on BRM and then transition in the coming weeks.

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